Visualization Links

Heatmaps in C#

Zebranky over at has posted his implementation of heatmaps inspired by the talk along with his C# sourcecode -

Google Chart API

has a good selection of visualization methods to use with your telemetry -


is an impressive API for generating high quality geomaps from data - great for visualizing IP addressg geolocations, and such things -


is another solution that generates a variety of custom heatmap from spreadsheets.

Real World Examples

Hot Failure: Tuning Gameplay With Simple Player Metrics

Google Game Developer Advocate Chris Pruett describes his experience with metrics gathering and visualization for his Android Game 'Replica Island' in his article on Gamasutra.

Crash Forensics and Analysis

If broken it is, fix it you should

Tess' MSDN blog has some of the most useful information about analyzing unwanted behavior in both .Net and native applications such as crashing, garbage collection problems, minidump analysis and crash capturing.

Never doubt thy debugger

Although Carlo Cardella's blog deals with mostly with windows and ASP related issues these days, it also has a number of very useful articles on debugging and exception analysis.