2010 GDC Talk

    • Further topics include:The importance of adequate visualization and easy data access.

    • Developer Achievements - Using Achievements to steer internal testing behavior on the example of Dragon Age: Origins).

    • Insights into BioWare's development telemetry architecture.

    • Tips on deploying your own telemetry solution and problems to avoid.

Please read the full Speakers Entry in the GDC Program for more information on my talk.

Download the Slides

You can download the slides for my talk in various formats here.


As most GDC talks, my presentation was recorded on video and will be available through GDC Vault after the conference concludes.


During my 60 minute lecture at GDC, I am making the case for deploying developer-facing telemetry sensors / data probes during all phases of the project - not just to end-users after the game has shipped.

With examples from our internal telemetry system, I demonstrate the potential for development telemetry to help improve production efficiency in all parts of the project.

Additionally, using the example of BioWare's issue tracking interface, I am showing how to leverage real time telemetry from game clients and tools to improve a vital part of the production pipeline - and how those improvements translated into a measurable quality increase for our Dragon Age: Origins.

Picture by Judy Tsai